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International wedding photographers course in Egypt

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Arched windows in Sofitel Hotel Taba Heights Egypt

Sofitel, Taba Heights, Egypt – has amazing architecture!

Wedding Photographers Elaine and Julie are just back from 2 weeks away, after attending an International photographers’ course there, thus missing all the snow and chaos in the UK!

!beautiful blue sky with one striking white cloud above palm tree Taba Heights Golf Course

for landscape & architectural photography in Egypt see Travel Section :


picture of the Coloured Canyon near Nueiba in Sinai Egypt

Coloured Canyon, Sinai.

Wedding photos below this entry…

Winter wedding photos at Leeds Met

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

A few favourite pics with special artistic treatment from Hayley & Chris’s Winter wedding at Hotel Metropole (Leeds Met) in Leeds.

natural light photo with artistic colouring of winter bride by Met hotel window in Leeds


romantic gentle-toned contemporary wedding picture with black and white & sepia mix

Winter wedding indoor picture of bride and groom on staircase of Leeds Hotel Metropole

picture of Winter indoor wedding in Leeds

3 shades of black from warm to cold in wedding photograph

contemporary winter bridal portrait at Leeds Metropole Hotel

little flower girl says goodnight…

thankyou flowers for relatives at wedding


bride photgraphed from above as she descends the grand staircase

bride and groom by Christmas tree inside Hotel Metropole in Leeds

bride and groom praticing their first dance in Leeds hotel foyer

picture of bridegroom with little boy on his shoulder at Leeds winter wedding

first dance at wedding in Leeds

evening wedding reception picture in Leeds of bride dancing


conga dance during evening winter wedding reception in Leeds

dramatic wedding image from winter Leeds wedding photo Christmas 2008

winter night time wedding picture outside hotel Metropole in Leeds

bride and groom by Christmas tree in Leeds City centre on wedding day

This wedding at Leeds Met, was a Winter wedding, so the bride and groom really didn’t want to go outside, but while the bride was getting dressed in the morning, the fire alarm went off, so we all had to troop outside, and wait for ages on the pavement opposite the hotel, until the fire services had checked it all out!  Turns out the smoke alarms had been triggered by someone using hairspray – so bear this in mind if you are getting married here! Its a great venue with loads of indoor spaces for interesting wedding pictures!

xx Elaine

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storybook album wedding reception at Woolley Hall near Wakefield

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

bride and groom arrive at Woolley Hall wedding venue in classic car

string quartet plays as bride and groom arrive at Woolley Hall

close up of picture bride and groom by classic wedding car

bride ceremoniously breaks a plate in an Armenian wedding tradition

groom claps as bride completes Armenian wedding custom breaking a plate

Woolley Hall wedding reception venue

bride and bridesmaids running in grounds of Woolley Hall

close up of bride and bridesmaids running in grounds of Woolley Hall

little maids all in a row

dramatic colours of red and blue at Woolley hall wedding

bride and groom happily perform for the cameras

bride walking through gates at Woolley Hall

Summer wedding at Woolley Hall

moody wedding pictures

best man and his family at summer wedding

bridal party group wedding picture on steps in front of Woolley Hall

Groom’s family on bench outside back of Woolley Hall

Summer wedding picture outside Woolley Hall

whole group summer wedding picture outside Woolley Hall

table layout for wedding reception at Woolley Hall

wedding breakfast inside Wolley Hall near Wakefield

pictures during wedding speeches

reactions to bridegroom’s wedding speech

bride and groom laughing at Best Man’s wedding speech

speeches at Woolley hall wedding reception

Woolley Hall wedding reception during speeches

pictures of bride and groom on the stairs at Woolley Hall

bride and bridegroom by lily pond in grounds of Woolley Hall in August 2008

lily pond summers evening wedding pictures in Woolley hall gardens

groom looking delicious and Sepia pic of him with his new wife

Romantic storybook wedding pictures in grounds of Woolley Hall

summers evening wedding picture outside Woolley Hall

black and white wedding picture sealed with a kiss

sweet caring bride & groom talk to the children

bridesmaid jubilantly catches the bouquet

bride & groom in Woolley Hall gardens

bride looking down at her bouquet late evening at Woolley Hall

bridesmaids leaning over balustrade at Woolley Hall

groomsmen on steps at back of Woolley hall

Evening wedding reception venue at Woolley hall

bride and groom enter evening wedding reception with traditional Armenian dance routine

Armenian wedding dancing at evening wedding reception UK

chocolate fountain pleasure at Woolley Hall evening wedding reception

romantic first dance photos

surprise fast dance routine at evening wedding reception

Armenian wedding dance

Musical Armenian Grandmother sings Armenian song at granddaughter’s wedding

joyous dancing at evening wedding reception

wedding dress swirling round during evening wedding reception

cutting the wedding cake at evening wedding reception 

detail of hands cutting wedding cake in storybook wedding album

bride’s musical cousin playing piano at evening wedding reception

black and white photo of bride’s dress twirling

bride with her Mum at evening wedding reception

bride’s Aunties at evening wedding reception

throwing the bouquet at Woolley hall evening wedding reception

bride hugs bridesmaid who caught the bouquet

storybook wedding pictures

Mum & bride in black & white wedding picture

time for bride and groom to go to bridal suite and leave wedding reception

guests clap to see the bride and groom off into the night

final goodbyes at evening wedding reception

bride and groom leave the evening wedding reception in a taxi

groom waves out of the car as they all shout goodnight

wedding storybook album Christ Church in Ossett West Yorkshire

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Wedding storybook album cover

details of bride’s wedding accessories

Black & White photo of bride in on phone as receives wedding jewellery gift

brideal prep - bridesmaids help bride get ready

bridal preparations

bride smiling as her wedding dress is laced up

bride putting on her tiara

bride’s grandma watches her getting ready for her wedding

something old …

bride watched by her Mum

storybook wedding page as bride by the window spots the wedding car arriving

bridesmaids join bride to look out of window at wedding car

storybook album page as bride comes down the stairs

bride with Mum & Dad b4 leaving to get married

little bridesmaid with bouquets

family photos

champagne send off before the wedding

bride and father in the wedding car

classic wedding car arrives at Christ Church in Ossett

bride walks into Christ Church in Ossett

wedding guests pack Christ Church in Ossett West Yorkshire

groom watches his bride walk down the aisle

groom watches his bride walk down the aisle

bride arrives at the altar

black & white wedding church ceremony photo

exchange of wedding rings in church

church wedding picture

bride and groom kneeling for church wedding blessing

page in church wedding storybook album

picture of wedding guests inside Christ Church in Ossett

signing the register at Christ Church wedding

traditional posed wedding photo in church

vicar at Christ Church in Ossett during marriage ceremony

signing the register at Christ Church wedding

posed picture after signing the register

newly wed bride and groom walk out down the aisle

bride and groom kiss in the church doorway

bride and groom in arched doorway outside Christ Church

confetti pictures

bride & groom kissing outside the church

dreamy wedding photo

whole group wedding picture

family wedding pictures outside the church

bride and groom outside Christ Church in Ossett West Yorkshire

romantic pic of bride and groom with Christ Church behind them

bride & groom about to kiss inside wedding car

bride waves as car leaves for wedding reception at Woolley Hall

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Few favourite wedding pictures from 2008

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Winter wedding picture inside Tong Garden Centre

Christmas wedding photos inside Tong Garden Centre

Child bridesmaid in Christmas Grotto

Winter Bride with black flowers and matching cape by Julie

Winter Bride with black flowers and matching cape by Reel Life Photos wedding photographer, Julie

Egyptian bride at the hairdressers in El Minya

Egyptian bride gets ready at the hairdressers in El Minya, Egypt

Orthodox Christian wedding in Egypt

Christian Orthodox wedding in Egypt

Pregnant bride shows of her bump with adoring husband

Pregnant bride shows of her bump to adoring looks from her just-wed husband.

rainy day wedding at Bamburgh Castle

Bride in rain outside Bamburgh Castle by Reel Life Photos wedding photographer Julie

 Winter wedding picture outside Hotel Metropole in Leeds at Night

Winter wedding picture outside Hotel Metropole in Leeds.

wedding at Sale Register Office & Manchester Airport Marriott

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

bride gives a twirl as arrives at Sale Register Office 

Sale Register Office on a bright Winter’s day is made exciting by the arrival of this twirling Persian bride, while the bridegroom awaits his bride with eager anticipation.

bridegroom eagerly awaits his bride at Sale register Office near Manchester Airport

here comes the bride!

Wedding vows at Sale Register Office

bride gives her daughters presents during wedding vows

 The Kiss

wedding rings on love-clasped hands

ah true love wins at last

Ah, true love wins at last, as this lovely bride fell in love with her new husband at 16; he called round to her house with a bunch of flowers but was too shy to say his peice and now, after both going their separate ways, have at last tied the knot more than 20 years on …

At the hair salon before the wedding in Egypt by Reel Life Photos

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

wedding hairdressers shop in El Minya Egypt

This wedding hair and make-up specialist shop in El Minya, Egypt was a hive of activity when I arrived around 4pm to start cover of Afram and Mona’s wedding. One Muslim bride was almost ready to head off for her wedding and Mona was lying in a chair, her beautiful white wedding dress covered with a purple plastic apron. Mona’s hairdresser was busy plucking her eyebrows, thickly adding strong dark lines to make them really stand out. He then proceeded to add layers of lilac and sparkling white to her eyelids in a powerful pattern, before painting several matching pinky lilac layers on her lips.

Egyptian style wedding fashion eye make-up lipstick layers painted in for Egyptian wedding

wedding hair and make-up in Egypt


bridal hair styling for Egyptian wedding

Then another guy starts work styling the brides hair, using doubly hooked bent hairpins, black hair nets and a very hot set of curling tongs that have been heated on a one of the gas flames set on the bench – just like using a Bunsen burner at school!

Egyptian curling tongs heated on a gas flameEgyptian wedding hair salon in El Minya

bridal hair styling for Egyptian wedding

putting on Egyptian bride’s veil

Wedding photographer Elaine arrives in El Minya for Egyptian wedding

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Reel Life Photos wedding photographer Elaine on camel by pyramids in EgyptAfter wandering round Cairo taking photos of interesting people and places – including a camel ride round the pyramids in Giza – my journey to Afram & Mona’s wedding takes me by train from Cairo to El Minya. Tickets sell out in advance but I was lucky to be rescued by a student from Sinai who happened to be studying at the university in El Minya itself so despite being told that there were no tickets at all, we boarded the second best train in First Class, claimed 2 seats and paid on the train itself!

Despite extremely dirty rain windows managed to get a few nice pics of the palm-lined little river that kept us company throughout alongside the train tracks.

view of  palm trees at night from Cairo El Minya train palm trees along river in Egypt at sunset palm trees along river in Egypt towards sunset palm tree sunset in Egypt by river Cairo to El Minya sunset along river by train tracks in Egypt dying red sun from train window Cairo to El Minya

I’m sitting in a top floor restaurant-bar with glass walls on 3 sides, looking out over the river Nile at night.It could almost be any river at night with a string of roadside amber lights reflecting into the water at regular intervals, but for the constant hum of traffic and manic horn-tooting as the drivers weave in and out precariously – clumsy as feet with shoes on in the shifting sand beneath them. Its cooler up here as my single room faces the untidy jumble of services into a tiny square of internal fresh air that seems to come only from a Mummy’s tomb.

night view of river Nile from top of King Ahkenaton Hotel in El Minya
Mona & Afram actually just did their civil ceremony tonight (while I sat in their family home doing emails!) – the paperwork only for their wedding really – without anyone there and dressed in jeans, but tomorrow have their Henna party, so the wedding celebrations proper start to get underway then, with their Orthodox Church wedding the day after, at 8pm.I’ll be covering it all, from start to finish, so that will be exciting!

pic of River Nile from King Akhenaton Hotel El Minya Egypt

View of River Nile from top of King Akhenaton Hotel in El Minya

picture of River Nile from King Akhenaton Hotel El Minya Egypt

Morning dawns to reveal the Nile in a totally different light: a hazy fat line split in the middle with a mile long island, complete with cows grazing and a little lake within itself too.The opposite side has a narrow fertile strip filled with banana trees and the odd palm, above which rise well-eroded mountain rocks in faded pink and blue hues.

view across River Nile from King Akhenaton Hotel El Minya Egypt

Egyptian breakfast of soup of chewy brown beans, tomatoes, cucumber, cold potatoes mashed with fresh parsley, cheeses soft and hard, (had to pass on the boiled egg, bread, jam and spreading cheese and cold meat) and the ever present Egyptian tea will keep even the neediest body going all day.Time to wander around and explore, before the henna party gets going late this afternoon

See pics from that wedding here:

If you are getting married anywhere in Egypt and would love to have your person UK-based wedding photographer who understands multicultural weddings and has 13 years experience as a wedding photographer – 6 as an international wedding photographer – then contact Elaine!  Visit our international wedding page too for more ideas on exotic weddings abroad.

Reel Life Photos International wedding photographer in Cairo Egypt

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Reel Life Photos wedding photographer in Cairo Egypt

Picture of Elaine & an Egyptian girl in Cairo taken by her little sister!

Just arrived today in Egypt to cover an Egyptian clients wedding in El Minya. Couldn’t resist taking a few interesting travel pics along the way though. See
for the whole lot.

On arrival at the customs exit of the airport, amidst all the unruly jostling crowds, an Egyptian with an official name tag did the usual offering to find you to a hotel script, but since I had nothing planned anywhere, accepted the travel agents offer and ended up being delivered in person to the hotel of my choice – a budget hostel in Downtown Cairo called New Palace Hotel.

View from the balcony of New Palace Hotel

View from the balcony of New Palace Hotel in Cairo Egypt

local Egyptians in downtown Cairo

Downtown Cairo

An Egyptian’s pride and Joy

classic American car in Cairo

Well its now day two in Cairo so have a look at the rest of the pics here:

New Palace Hotel rooftop cafe in Cairo

Rooftop garden cafe at New Palace Hotel

Had a lovely meal – for just over £1- (10 Egyptian pounds), with fish, tomato & cucumber salad, aubergines, rice, pitta bread and Tahini: very spicy, but typically Egyptian. I’m sure you would love it here – the street life, full of colour at night and everyone sitting out of doors. The down side is the drivers are crazy- weaving in and out all over the place tooting their horns all day and night, missing pedestrians by millimetres – literally!

Am going to see the nearest Pyramid and Sphinx tomorrow. Have hired a private driver-taxi so will be safe: its £20 but worth it, as I would never find it using public transport: Cairo is HUGE! The cars all spew out soot and black exhaust fumes but its good round where I am staying though.



Egyptian girls dancing on boat on river Nile






Egyptian girls dancing on boat on river Nile

Had a little boat trip tonight – on the river Nile – one where all the young people go and dance to Arabic music – like in a wedding.


A man selling tea on the boat, before it set off ripped me off as should have brought my change from £1 (10 Egyptian pounds), said he would come back with the 6 Egyptian pounds – but he didn’t!. Still it was only peanuts, and he would be very happy now! Otherwise all has been very good.

Chinese wedding at Weetwood Hall & Maxis Leeds

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

One of 5 Chinese wedding dresses laid out on the bed Chinese Bridegroom by the wedding car in Leeds wedding table layout at Maxis Chinese Restaurant in Leeds

Chinese bride in traditional red wedding suit

Sut Yee and Mark (Hoi Man) had a huge wedding on at Weetwood Hall on 30 September this year – so big that only half the guests could fit in the ceremony room, so had to watch the marriage taking place by video link, which unfortunately failed part way through!

However, before the groom even gets to the wedding ceremony he has to submit to demeaning but humorous wedding forfeits before he is allowed  to enter the Bride’s parent’s house, where he is subsequently introduced to his bride to be’s parents via a ritualistic Chinese Tea Ceremony.

Chinese wedding forfeits outside Bride’s parents house

Delicate cups of amber-coloured,  tea with a floating red date to sweeten them, are passed over by the bride and groom to assembled family members  in exchange for gifts to the soon to be married couple.

Chinese Tea Ceremony to introduce Bridegroom to Bride’s family

These two little girls get all exciuted to see the bride and groom arriving at Weetwood hall for the wedding ceremony.

Chinese children spot bride and groom arriving at Weetwood hall in Leeds

The bride’s first task on arrival at Weetwood is to serve tea to her husband to be’s rfamily

Second Chinese Tea Ceremony to greet Bridegroom’s family

Then its time for a quick change into her elegant long champagne coloured wedding dress for the marriage ceremony

Chinese bride changes into traditional white wedding dress

emotional Chinese wedding picture during vows

Fun, yet emotional wedding ceremony at Weetwood Hall in Leeds

start how you mean to go on

Oh yes, start  how you mean to go on Sut Yee!

wedding photography at Weetwood Hall in Leeds

Kiss for a little boy after Weetwood Hall wedding ceremony

Now its off to Maxis Chinese Restaurant for a 12 course Chinese banquet, if you can manage that much tasty food in one sitting!

Chinese bride in red wedding dress

beautiful little girl at Maxis Chinese Restaurant in Leeds

Cute little girl by the fish tank…

Chinese Tea ceremony during wedding reception at Maxis in Leeds

More tea ceremonies and toasts at every table one by one

toast at Chinese wedding in Leeds

Chinese wedding reception at Maxis in Leeds

Delicious Chinese food at wedding reception at Maxis in Leeds

Chinese tea ceremony in Leeds with bride in lilac dress

Sut Yee makes another quick change into her lilac wedding dress and launches into yet another ritual Tea Ceremony.

Chinese bride in lilac wedding dress

Yet another quick change – to a gold outfit this time!

Sut Yee in gold wedding outfit at Maxis in Leeds

Great Grandma’s amazing extended family

Great grandma in Aqua green gathers her considerable clan around her!

Chinese bridegroom outside main entrance at Maxis in Leeds

Mark is all partied out  so time to call it a day!

If you’d like to chat to Elaine about your Chinese wedding photos or video DVD or Blu-ray, give me a call.  We might even be able to arrange a special price for you if your wedding is on a Tuesday… xx Elaine and Jorge

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