Bride got ready at Rising Sun Hotel for wedding in Cheltenham

Cheltenham wedding dress, bouquet and shoes

Wedding dress, bouquet and shoes

The bride didn’t want any pictures taking of her getting ready, but I did manage to get these few of her dress, shoes, and bouquet.  Note the sixpence in her shoe, to fulfil the traditions of the old rhyme:  “Something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in my shoe…”


The groom’s family invited us to cover Rachel and Petar’s wedding, and as we had to travel from Dewsbury, the groom’s family arranged for us to stay over the night before at the Rising Sun in Cheltenham.  The views from outside the hotel are wonderful, right out across the valley below this second picture.  Just imagine endless green fields and a sun filled sky …

Bride's mother with the groom's father on the wedding morning

Bride’s mother with the groom’s father on the morning of their respective children’s wedding

groom and father before wedding in Cheltenham

Groom and his father


On the wedding morning On the wedding morning

Entrance to The Rising Sun Hotel  in Cheltenham

Entrance to The Rising Sun Hotel in Cheltenham






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