Asian wedding mehndi shot on the Mehndii by wedding photographer at then venue

Mehndi on the Mehndi night is great for the wedding photographer to capture – even if they are shooting video one or two stills look good in the design on the cover of the Blu Ray or DVD


Crown Banqueting Birmingham interior set up for Asian wedding before the photographer arrives

Crown Banqueting Birmingham interior during Asian wedding Baraat before all the guests arrives


Female Asian DJ for Mehndi or weddings

Female DJ at Orchid Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Pakistani bride by Asian wedding photographer Dewsbury

Bride with her hands over her face showing off her mehndi designs in the bridal suite at Orchid wedding venue in Dewsbury

Wedding venue Orchid Dewsbury byAsian wedding photographer

Orchid wedding venue in Dewsbury at night – pictures at Orchid Banqueting in Dewsbury

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