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Wedding photographer in the Gambia

Thursday, December 19th, 2019

Its sad when a Gambian groom dies, but life has many twists and turns. Way back in 2010, an English bride-to-be called Denise, booked Reel Life Photos to photographer her wedding to a kind, gentle, Gambian man. Denise then became an instant mother to his two children, as their birth mother had sadly passed away. Those children are now young adults, well- educated, loved and cared for by their step-mum, but since the death of their Gambian father just three years after his marriage to Denise, she was their closest family.

So its with great excitement that I will be returning to the Gambia in January 2020, to photograph a new wedding, as Denise has finally found love again. This will be my 6th visit to the Gambia to photograph a wedding there so watch out for the photos soon! xx Elaine

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