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wedding pictures at Northorpe Hall Barn

Friday, January 18th, 2019
Northorpe Hall Barn wedding
Bride outside Northorpe Hall mid November
wedding reception at Northorpe Hall Barn
wedding reception inside Northorpe Hall Barn
Danish wedding custom
Delightful wedding tradition of bride and groom standing on chairs and kissing every time a guest taps on his or her glass, at wedding reception inside Northorpe Hall Barn
Natural wedding pics at Northorpe Hall Barn in Mirfield, West Yorkshire
Autumn wedding at Northorpe Hall in Mirfield, West Yorkshire
Confetti pic in November, West Yorkshire wedding photography
Confetti pic in November, West Yorkshire wedding photography
wedding ceremony at Northorpe Hall Barn
Bride and her dad walking down the aisle together at Northorpe Barn in Mirfield
creative night time wedding photography
Creatively lit bridal wedding photography outside Northorpe Barn at night mid-November

Weddings in a barn are always exciting, so great from the wedding photographer’s perspective too.If you are planning to get married or to have your wedding reception in a barn, you can usually rely on interesting lighting and backgrounds for your wedding photos, but more importantly, it will most likely have a relaxing atmosphere for all your guests.

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Romanian tradition of boy’s first haircut

Monday, January 14th, 2019
Romanian 3 year old boy about to have his first haircut
A three year old Romanian boy, his long hair in plaits, cries as he is frightened.
Romanian custom
He is given a toy and made to sit on a stool balanced on the table so everyone can see him
Romanian custom of 3 year old boy having his first ever haircut
It all starts kicking off as this three year old Romanian boy is about to have his long hair cut off
Romanian culture and traditions
They cover the little Romanian boy’s face as his father cuts off the first of his three plaits.
Romanian tradition of a 3 year old boy's first haircut
He doesn’t look at all happy as his final plait is about to be cut off, though his father and surrounding family are all delighted with the ceremony.
Romanian culture -the first haircut
The Romanian 3 year old boy’s plaits, tied in red ribbons, lie on a tray amongst all the shiny treasures
Romanian boy's traditional gifts after his hair is cut off.
He soon recovers as is offered the chance to choose a toy from the tray
Money given to three year old Romanian boy as he has his first ever haircut
Everyone claps with delight as the ceremony concludes with money being added to the tray of treasure
Romanian tradition of giving money to a three year old boy on his first ritual haircut.
Everyone laughs as the three year old Romanian boy goes for the money he is being offered.
A three year old Romanian boy has his very first haircut, at a traditional party in front of all the family and friends, captured in a natural documentary style of photography.
And here he is, shorn of his long locks!
Birthday cake for 3 year old Romanian boy.
Happy third birthday little one!

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Traveller wedding photography in Yorkshire and beyond

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019
gypsy wedding pic with the big dress against a dramatic dark sky during the evening wedding reception
Just love the way the dark clouds at night and the perspective zoom you into the picture of this very young traveller bride and groom , adding to the drama.
16 year old traveller bride getting ready  for her wedding, applying lip gloss in front of an ornate mirror inside the chalet where her mother lives.
Traveller wedding prep picture at the bride’s caravan and chalet park
Traveller wedding dress
Traveller wedding dress on a dummy, displayed in the family chalet home in the caravan park
red bull and traveller bride's wedding dress.
Traveller wedding needs red bull as they started getting ready at 3.00am!
fun wedding picture of bride's traveller family getting ready for the wedding
Everyone else is getting ready for the traveller wedding and having a laugh in the man-cave hut next to the chalet
Black and white wedding photo of the traveller bride as her mother laces up her big fat gypsy wedding dress, except that she is very petite of course, like  a barbie doll!
I love black and white natural wedding pictures. This one shows the traveller bride having her wedding dress laced up by her mother.
Traveller bride having her wedding veil pinned on
Traveller wedding as the bride has her veil pinned on. Just love the light that highlights the bride’s perfect profile.
natural black and white wedding picture as the hair and make up artist reaches out to take a hairpin  from the traveller bride's mother
Just caught the moment of action!
natural wedding photography as the little gypsy girl in curlers look as on at the bride in her amazing traveller wedding dress
A little gypsy girl in curlers look on at the bride in her amazing traveller wedding dress
traveller wedding with love
Traveller wedding as the bride shows her love for her special needs nephew

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