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Dirac Somali dress

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014
details of Somali dress dirac fabric

Light floaty material that is designed to be worn extremely loose fitting in a very feminine style

Delicate, translucent material of a Somali bride’s wedding dress.

Gold thread embroidery on Somali dirac dress for bride's wedding

details of gold embroidery on Somali bride's wedding dress.


Somali gold wedding jewellery worn over green dirac wedding dress

This delicate belt reminds me of one my maternal grandmother used to wear, except that hers was filigree silver rather than gold, but encompassed a similarly slim waist.

Somali bride's hand with gold bracelets

Such a beautiful hand..


Somali bride's expressive feet

Somali bride's expressive feet


Wedding photographer Elaine wearing Somali Dirac

Now this doesn't look anywhere near as elegant on me , as it would on one of the gorgeous Somali girls I photographed at this wedding!


The bride was so happy that I was going to join in with her  wedding day, whilst also being the professionally hired wedding photographer, that she gave  me this perfect blue floaty dress to wear.  Just wish I had the grace and skill to wear it as well as the girls did.  I would much rather have posted pics of them but etiquette prevails… xx Elaine Reel Life Photos