Chinese wedding at Weetwood Hall & Maxis Leeds

One of 5 Chinese wedding dresses laid out on the bed Chinese Bridegroom by the wedding car in Leeds wedding table layout at Maxis Chinese Restaurant in Leeds

Chinese bride in traditional red wedding suit

Sut Yee and Mark (Hoi Man) had a huge wedding on at Weetwood Hall on 30 September this year – so big that only half the guests could fit in the ceremony room, so had to watch the marriage taking place by video link, which unfortunately failed part way through!

However, before the groom even gets to the wedding ceremony he has to submit to demeaning but humorous wedding forfeits before he is allowed  to enter the Bride’s parent’s house, where he is subsequently introduced to his bride to be’s parents via a ritualistic Chinese Tea Ceremony.

Chinese wedding forfeits outside Bride’s parents house

Delicate cups of amber-coloured,  tea with a floating red date to sweeten them, are passed over by the bride and groom to assembled family members  in exchange for gifts to the soon to be married couple.

Chinese Tea Ceremony to introduce Bridegroom to Bride’s family

These two little girls get all exciuted to see the bride and groom arriving at Weetwood hall for the wedding ceremony.

Chinese children spot bride and groom arriving at Weetwood hall in Leeds

The bride’s first task on arrival at Weetwood is to serve tea to her husband to be’s rfamily

Second Chinese Tea Ceremony to greet Bridegroom’s family

Then its time for a quick change into her elegant long champagne coloured wedding dress for the marriage ceremony

Chinese bride changes into traditional white wedding dress

emotional Chinese wedding picture during vows

Fun, yet emotional wedding ceremony at Weetwood Hall in Leeds

start how you mean to go on

Oh yes, start  how you mean to go on Sut Yee!

wedding photography at Weetwood Hall in Leeds

Kiss for a little boy after Weetwood Hall wedding ceremony

Now its off to Maxis Chinese Restaurant for a 12 course Chinese banquet, if you can manage that much tasty food in one sitting!

Chinese bride in red wedding dress

beautiful little girl at Maxis Chinese Restaurant in Leeds

Cute little girl by the fish tank…

Chinese Tea ceremony during wedding reception at Maxis in Leeds

More tea ceremonies and toasts at every table one by one

toast at Chinese wedding in Leeds

Chinese wedding reception at Maxis in Leeds

Delicious Chinese food at wedding reception at Maxis in Leeds

Chinese tea ceremony in Leeds with bride in lilac dress

Sut Yee makes another quick change into her lilac wedding dress and launches into yet another ritual Tea Ceremony.

Chinese bride in lilac wedding dress

Yet another quick change – to a gold outfit this time!

Sut Yee in gold wedding outfit at Maxis in Leeds

Great Grandma’s amazing extended family

Great grandma in Aqua green gathers her considerable clan around her!

Chinese bridegroom outside main entrance at Maxis in Leeds

Mark is all partied out  so time to call it a day!

If you’d like to chat to Elaine about your Chinese wedding photos or video DVD or Blu-ray, give me a call.  We might even be able to arrange a special price for you if your wedding is on a Tuesday… xx Elaine and Jorge

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